This is the First Natural Pet Bakery and Dog Café in the Philippines

Whole Pet Kitchen started out as a home-based bakery that grew into a dog café and retail store. It became the first gourmet pet bakery and café in the Philippines, which opened in 2014. Their main goal is to provide healthy and yummy food and treats that pets will surely love.

“We believe in improving the quality of our pet’s lives in every way possible, especially through nourishing and healthy food and treats! We are closely working with vets and believe that the best kind of food we can give can only come from natural sources, cooked gently and fortified with health-giving, human-grade ingredients!” reads their website.

Because of their delicious and nutritious pet food, many pet owners patronized their products and soon enough, their café was featured in both local and international news agencies.

“We have made it a point to always use natural, human-grade ingredients, this will always be what separates us from everyone else. All our products are hand made from scratch, we do not use any artificial food coloring and heaps of sweet ingredients to make our treats appeal to pets. Instead, we only use natural, human grade ingredients that have an instant appeal to pets and are safe for us and them to eat.”

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