This “Ninja Cat” From Japan Has Amazing Dance Moves

The rise of social media, such as Facebook and Instagram has made cats one of the most popular creatures on earth. These animals have completely taken over the internet with millions of hilarious pictures, videos, and memes that make us laugh every day.

A 3-year-old cat from Japan named Chaco is one of those feline influencers who is making our hearts melt with his cuteness. But above all, this feline known as “ninja cat,” impressed us with his unbelievable dancing abilities.

Based on many great photos in which Chaco is featured flying in the air or spinning on the ground we can say that this amazing cat has a knack for dancing and his Instagram fans are loving it!

Chaco’s owner found him in a cat cafe called “Animal Aid” while donating food for animals and he adopted Chaco who was looking for a home.

Chaco has a sister Suzuka who is also very playful and they both have more than 23 thousand followers on their Instagram page wakaponsan. Check out their adorable and breathtaking photos.