This One Armed Squirrel Likes To Wrestle

Buster is an adorable squirrel who had an unfortunate beginning. He was attacked as a baby, fell out of a tree and injured his left arm which got paralyzed. However, it didn’t stop him from enjoying his life to the fullest.

“He regained most of his mobility. But the arm that had taken a deep claw puncture from the hawk would never recover,” his mom Rochelle Zambrowicz told The Dodo. “But he actually started climbing really well and didn’t seem to even notice that [his arm] wasn’t working.”

Buster does so many funny things, he loves stretching his arms, yawning, sticking his tongue out, running around, and napping. However, there is one thing that’s his favorite: wrestling.

“He’s got his special wrestling move, where he’s by the floor, you put your hand out, [he] grabs it, tries to body-slam your hand on the ground” his dad Jeremy Walker added. “I guess that’s a takedown.”

Buster is a playful little creature and anyone who meets him loves him. If you want to see his wrestling moves, check him out on Instagram.