This Overweight Dog Lost 33.4 Pounds Thanks To Her Mom

When Meredith first saw Bertha, she weighed 63 pounds, which was more than she should weigh. When her foster mom took Bertha home, they started a weight loss program. The dog was put on a healthy diet, and her training began.

When she was first placed on a treadmill, the dog walked about five steps and tried to give up. However, Meredith was determined to help Bertha burn the fat down. Later, she successfully encouraged the doggo to swim so that she’d be doing some kind of exercise.

“And then after a couple of tries, we were able to get her to start walking. So, she would walk for two minutes and then stop. So, we’d give her a break. And then, she’d walk for two minutes,” Meredith said in a statement for The Dodo.

Currently, Bertha weighs 29.6 pounds and was successfully adopted by her foster mom. Now she can do things that every dog does, like scratch her ear.

If you want to see more of Bertha’s beautiful face, check out the gallery below. Don’t forget to follow her and the rest of the family members on social media for extra content.