This Photographer Captures The Cutest Mice in Europe

A harvest mouse is a small rodent native to Europe and Asia. It’s the only British mammal to have a prehensile tail, capable of grasping something such as plant stems and trees.

Dean Mason from Dorset, United Kingdom, loves to capture these cute animals. Having a license under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, Mason breeds captive-bred harvest mice and operates harvest mice photography workshops. They offer other wildlife photographers the chance to photograph their adorable creatures under controlled conditions, but their mice are free to do whatever they please.

Being the owner of Windows on Wildlife Photography Hides and Workshops, Mason along with his wife Stephanie, are fully committed to providing professional and personalized service. They started organizing harvest mice photography workshops in 2017 and in just a short period of time, it became very popular since they offer maximum photographic opportunities with their little furry friends.

“Photographing harvest mice is fascinating. They can be incredibly quick and offer a challenge to photograph. They are incredibly acrobatic and fun to watch, always giving the aww factor!” Mason told Bored Panda. “They are never shy to pose for the camera and this is why hundreds of photographers take the opportunity to visit us on our photography workshops in Dorset.”