This Pig Does Arts & Crafts and Plays Music

While pigs aren’t usually thought of as intelligent animals, studies have shown that they’re smarter than cats and dogs. They’re actually considered to be one of the most intelligent animals and they’re more trainable than any domestic animal. And in Anchorage, Alaska, a pig named Rowan Munsell, is one of the smartest and loves doing all sorts of creative things.

He lives in a house with his human family and is into arts and crafts.  Rowan likes painting, playing the instruments, and rooting. He needs constant attention and is very adored by his family. He gets multiple rake messages a day and is sometimes a little naughty. Re-decorating the living room is one of his main hobbies.

But, let us talk more about his talent for music. In one of the videos posted by his parents, Rowan plays a composition using children’s games and squeaky toys. To thank him for the performance, his mom and dad rewarded him with a few yummy slices of apple.

Want to see more of Rowan? Check out some of the Instagram post below and follow him to see his adventures.