This Sanctuary Celebrates The Beauty of Red Kangaroos

The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs is a 188-acre safe haven for rescued orphaned baby and adult kangaroos. Established by Chris “Brolga” Barns in 2011, their mission is to educate and encourage the public to care for kangaroos and wildlife.

They rescue, rehabilitate, and release orphaned baby kangaroos back into the wild. They encourage people to become involved in the care of all animals through various ways including volunteering in rescue centers, checking roadkill kangaroos for orphans, and becoming a wildlife carer in your local area.

The sanctuary is also a place to celebrate the beauty of Australia’s Red Kangaroo. They offer guided sunset tours where you can meet these adorable animals including the kangaroo characters from their popular documentary series called Kangaroo Dundee.

“Our kangaroos come first, and because kangaroos sleep during the day we don’t disturb them. This is why our guided tours are in the late afternoon…just when our kangaroos are starting to wake from their day-time sleep,” reads the website.

You can support the sanctuary by giving donations. “Funds raised so far have gone towards: building the Rescue Centre; fencing; plumbing; solar power; veterinarian care; baby kangaroo milk and food.”

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