This Squirrel Was Released To The Wild But Came Back Three Days Later

Hammy was only a tiny baby when she was found in a parking lot at the end of August 2016. She probably fell from her nest, and her mom was nowhere to be found. That is when her new human mom and dad took her in. Her first night was rough, however, she made it through.

As time went by, the pair slowly prepared Hammy to release her back to the wild. When the time came, the squirrel stayed gone for three days, but after that, she came back home, and never went back.

“She’s just so happy all the time and just constantly has these little bursts of energy where she hops around and just does these backflips that just make you laugh,” her mom told The Dodo and added that one of Hammy’s favorite thing is to hide nuts all around the house.

“In vases…is her favorite. Underneath rugs and in our hoodies, she likes to bury stuff there,” she revealed.

Hammy now has an Instagram account where she has attracted more than 18,000 followers. If you want to see her adorable face, check out the gallery below.