This Stray Dog Stole the Fashion Show and Outshined the Models

Image by @Newsroom Post / Twitter

Recently, a stray dog crashed Rohit Bal’s fashion show in India and became the ultimate star of the evening.

Entertainment video journalist Sohel Fidai captured the special moment as the pooch followed a model onto the runway ramp. Initially, the audience was shocked to see a furry addition on stage and even the models were evidently uncertain of what to do with the dog, who is happily storming the catwalk.

No one tried to stop the dog from showing his stuff and while the models didn’t seem pleased about being outshined, the adorable dog was clearly enjoying the show. His tail excitedly wagged as he earned the attention of the crowd, loving every minute of his newfound fame.

The dog was eventually escorted off the site by a security guard and while it’s unclear what has become of the furry star, we hope that he receive all the love he can get.