This Beluga Whale Returned a Woman’s Phone After She Dropped it in the Water

Seeing beluga whales is not uncommon, but Ina Mansika and a group of her friends recently had the chance of meeting the sweetest beluga whale ever.

This adorable whale appeared in the waters around the Norwegian port city of Hammerfest and has been hanging around there ever since. The Beluga’s incredibly friendly nature made it a star among local people, who enjoy feeding and taking selfies with it.

Ina Mansika and her friends also decided to go and see the animal, when something odd happened. The whale proved to be not only friendly, but incredibly polite as well.

“We laid down on the dock to look at it and hopefully get the chance to pat it,” Ina Mansika said to The Dodo. “I had forgotten to close my jacket pocket and my phone fell in the ocean. We assumed it would be gone forever, until the whale dove back down and came back a few moments later with my phone in its mouth!”

Take a look at this amazing video below to see exactly what happened.