This Sweet Potato Store is Run By a Shiba Inu Dog

Recently, a Shiba Inu dog has taken Twitter by storm when he was filmed serving his customers at his very own sweet potato stall.

Ken-kun, a 3-year-old dog, works likes a “store greeter,” in Sapporo City on the island of Hokkaido. When someone approaches, the dog adorably pops up his little face to greet the customers and make sure the business goes efficiently. The store offers customers roasted sweet potatoes which they can buy at USD$1. It is a trust-based system, where they simply leave the payment after picking the yummy food from the white box.

The food stall is designed in colorful and artistic signage, with one sign writing, “Because I am a dog, I can’t give you change.” However, tips are appreciated as this means extra treats for the dog for doing his job well.