This Tortoise Gets Dressed Up to Mach Her Mom in Dad

Etheltheglamourtort is an Instagram profile dedicated to an adorable sulcata tortoise called Ethel. Her mom and dad are so in love with her that they set up their bedroom as a tortoise playhouse. They also like to explore amazing places in matching outfits.

“We’re not interested in having our own children, so Ethel is 100 percent our baby,” her mom Kasey Cauliflower told The Dodo. “She’s like a toddler. Pretty much all day every day you just follow her around cleaning up her messes.”

Her mom and dad are trying their best to make her as happy as possible. However, Ethel, just like every little toddler likes to get into trouble.

“She’ll be lying there, and she’ll just look at you with her little grin, and then you’re just like, ‘Ooohh, bless her little heart.’ And then two seconds later, she’s knocking over the garbage can and creating a huge mess. She can destroy our house.”

If you are interested to see more of Ethel’s adorable face, check out her Instagram account and follow her adventures.