This Twitter Account Posts Images of Cows

Do you think cows are adorable? Then the Cow of the Day Twitter page is perfect for you! The awesome project was born one year ago after the moderator of the Cow of the Day page has done quick research.

“It started when I looked at what gained most attraction on Twitter and that was cute animals. Then Rabbit of the Day was created where we did a poll tweet and asked the people what they wanted and they wanted a Cow of the Day!”

Although posting images of cows on a daily basis sounds like a walk in the park for many of us, but according to the moderator, it is quite a challenge.

“We get over 40 direct messages a day with people sending in their pet cows, cows they’ve seen on their travels, or a cow they’ve seen online and want to share with us but it’s not a decision we take lightly! We like to mix it up so someday you’ll see fluffy cows and others you’ll see a breed of cows you never knew existed!”

If you are curious to see cute cattle, just keep on scrolling!