This Twitter Account Tells You Whether You Can Pet a Dog in A Certain Video Game

There are lots of dog-inspired Twitter accounts on this social media, but Can You Pet the Dog? It certainly goes in the category of the most intriguing ones thanks to the unique idea behind it.

Can You Pet the Dog? catalogs all the doggos in the world of video games and tells you whether you can pet them or not. The account posts its findings through simple tweets in which they post a gif, photo, or a video from the game alongside a caption that tells its followers whether the dog is “pettable” or “non-pettable.”

This unique Twitter account became so popular that it also managed to influence the decisions of video-game designers. In a video game Enter the Gungeon, there is a dog that follows the main character, but the player wasn’t able to interact with it. However, after Can You Pet the Dog? highlighted this, the creator of the game decided to step in and fix their mistake.

To find out more “pettable” and “non-pettable” dogs in video games, continue reading below.