TikTok Video Compares How Golden Retriever and Husky Handle Winter Conditions

Image via nadaliaaaa/TikTok

Different dogs handle different seasons and weather conditions differently. Take snow for example. While most dogs love to play in the snow, some dog breeds are better equipped to deal with the consequences than others.

TikTok user Nadalia Haita recently shared an amusing video on TikTok that shows how her beloved dogs, Lemon the golden retriever and Tilt the husky, handle winter conditions differently.

The clip starts with Haita cleaning Lemon, aka summer dog, from all the snow that got stuck onto her fur. In order to get all of the snow out, Haita needs to use a whisk while also putting in quite a lot of effort.

Then, the footage cuts to Haita cleaning Tilt, aka winter dog. Just one quick swipe with a towel, and the husky is already snow-free.

Haita’s “Summer dog vs Winter dog” video got a lot of attention on social media. It received 83 million views in just a week, with social media users sharing how amused they were by the footage in the comments section.

In a later chat with Newsweek, Haita shared that both of her dogs love snow despite the differences between them. 

“Lemon loves the snow but the snowballs stick to her like crazy and it drives her insane,” she shared. “Tilt will lay in the snow for hours and be the happiest guy in the world.”