TikToker Crochets a Cat Pod Thinking her Cat Won’t Like it, She’s in for a Surprise

Cats have a unique ability to surprise us. Whenever we expect them to do something or behave in a certain way, they end up doing the opposite.

TikTok user Lise recently decided to crochet a cat pod for her feline. Lise thought the cat won’t like it but still decided to give it a go. However, her furry friend reacted in a way she didn’t expect.

In a video shared on social media, Lise’s cat can be seen immediately jumping in the cat pod and making herself at home. She is visibly impressed with her new spot and doesn’t want to get out.

“She loves it,” Lise wrote in the caption of the video.

This adorable video ended up getting quite a lot of attention from social media users. It received close to 17 million views and more than 7K comments.

“if you play a flute next to it, does she stand up really tall like a charmed snake?” one TikToker jokingly wrote in the comments section.

 “Oh to be a cat in a cat pod,” another added.

A lot of cat owners also wanted to get the pattern so they could make one for their felines as well. And when we think about it, we would like it as well.