TikToker Shares a Video of Her Dog Knocking on the Door in a Standing Position

Dogs acting like their owners is nothing new. However, it appears that canines are reaching a whole other level of impersonating humans, as a recent video shared by TikTok user Liv Moorhouse shows.

In a clip posted on social media back in May, Moorhouse’s dog can be seen standing on his two back legs while tapping on the door to make it clear that he wants to come inside the house.

“Saw someone else’s video and had to share mine of my dog being a human asking to be let in,” Moorhouse shared in the text written across the video.


Hes so clever hes even tapping on the door to come in 🤣 #cockapoo #dog #fyp #foyou

♬ original sound – liv moorhouse

Other TikTok users were quite impressed with the way Moorhouse’s dog channeled his inner human. Some even suggested that he should get his own key so he doesn’t have to knock on the door anymore.

“Get him his own key,” @lindylou87 suggested.

As it turns out, there are plenty of other dogs who do this as well.

“My cockerpoo knocks on the door to get in,” @el2610 shared.

“My cavoodle does this too,” @nellab.27 added.

Who knows what’s next? Maybe dogs will learn to open the doors themselves if they haven’t already. We sure hope they will, since then they would be able to go outdoors and come back whenever they like without having to wait on their humans.