TikToker Shows How a Package Delivery Can Turn Into a Disaster When You Have Dogs

We wouldn’t love dogs the same if it wasn’t for their habits of making occasional messes and misbehaving. But sometimes they can really pick out a bad timing for this, as one TikToker recently found out.

TikTok user @haayxx4 recently had a package delivered to her home while she was away. She decided to check out the home cameras after getting the delivery notification and discovered a disaster.

Her two dogs managed to get to the package first and turned it into bits and pieces.

“Serves me right,” @haayxx4 wrote in the caption of the video that contained footage of dogs having fun with destroying the package.

While TikTok users felt sorry for @haayxx4, they were also quite amused with how her dogs handled the duties of protecting the package.

“I feel awful for laughing, but this had me in stitches,” one user wrote in the comments section.

“They just done a bit of backcombing for you….they are FINE,” another added.

We don’t know what happened after, but something tells us that the dogs didn’t experience any repercussions for their actions. However, @haayxx4 will probably be more careful about leaving packages around in the future.