TikToker Takes Home the “Saddest Dog at the Shelter” and Gives Him a Better Life

Life in a shelter isn’t a kind life for animals. All of them would rather be in a home with loving humans than be confined in kennels, so it is no wonder that they can sometimes look sad. Luckily, there are kind humans out there who are willing to bring back a smile on their faces.

TikTok user Katie Kramer recently shared a heartwarming story in a social media clip about a dog she adopted. According to Kramer, she went to find the “saddest dog at the shelter” and then took him home “to the life he deserves.”

The video begins with a sad pit bull sitting in the kennel and hardly looking at the camera. Soon, the scene changes, and the dog is in a new home, being more energetic than ever and playing with a dog toy.

“He did indeed get a freedom cheeseburger on the way home,” Kramer shared in the caption of the video.

After a lot of TikTok users wanted to see more footage from the dog’s new life, Kramer posted a follow-up video in which the dog is enjoying belly scratches while having a massive smiling grin on his face.


Replying to @Miranda Bree Photography safe to say he is adjusting well❤️

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