Tiny Kitten Gives Rescuers a Hard Time After Being Stuck in a Storm Drain

Animals in need of help sometimes make it hard for humans to provide them with that help. This can lead to challenging situations, but fortunately, one such situation didn’t discourage kind folks at Somerset Regional Animal Shelter in Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, from helping a tiny kitten that was stuck in a storm drain.

According to a story shared on Somerset Regional Animal Shelter’s Facebook, their staff recently received a call from a worried individual who noticed a kitten unable to get out of a storm drain and crying for help. Despite it being nighttime, the shelter’s staff immediately went to the site in hopes of helping the feline. However, the task turned out to be much more challenging than expected.

Despite needing help, the cat wasn’t willing to let anyone capture her. After three hours of trying, rescuers set up traps and decided to return in the morning.

After coming back the next day, the rescuers discovered that the cat avoided the trap and was standing on top of it. Luckily, she was less evasive this time around.

“Long story short, little girl Stormy is safe and warm at Somerset Regional Animal Shelter!  She is receiving nutritious meals, and treatment for her eye infections.  She is a friendly little girl who seems very happy to be with us,” Somerset Regional Animal Shelter wrote in a Facebook post.

The shelter added that the cat will be put for adoption after she becomes old enough and passes all of her medical checks.