Tips For Being a Responsible Wildlife Tourist

Visiting wildlife can be an exciting adventure, but there’s a dark side of wildlife tourism that’s not always visible at first glance. There’s no doubt that we as tourists should be more responsible, and here’s what that means in practice.

According to Ben Pearson, Senior Campaign Manager for World Animal Protection, the Australian branch, “the important thing to keep in mind is that wild animals are not entertainers,” he told Lonely Planet. “If you want to see wildlife on holiday, the best thing you can do is to find somewhere to see it in the wild. The next best option is seeking out a legitimate sanctuary that offers observation only, so the animals are free to display their natural behaviours,” says Pearson.

You should always keep your distance when watching wildlife. Not only is this is a good measurement for not disturbing the animals, but it’s also a helpful safety tip for your own sake. Connecting with the wild animals is often not a good idea and the best way to see them in their natural habitat is by taking a walking or jeep safari tour.