Tips for Staying Safe Around Moose

Photo by Shivam Kumar on Unsplash

Moose are beautiful animals that most travelers to Canada and Alaska want to see in person, but you should never forget that they are after all huge, hairy animals that can seriously hurt you if you’re not careful. Many believe that moose are too cute and friendly to be aggressive, but the fact is that there are more moose attacks in Alaska than the combined attacks by black bear and grizzly. Here’s how to stay safe around moose.

Avoid Them If You Can

It’s not unusual to see moose in Canada and Alaska, but once you’ve seen one, you’re generally better off avoiding encountering them. Keep in mind that moose can feel attacked if you get too close. If you still want to get a bit closer, make sure to stay loud all the time so you don’t surprise them with your sudden appearance.

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Red Flags

There are signs that you should stay away. First of all, look at the moose’s ears. If they are pinned backward, it’s a sign that it’s agitated and that you should go away immediately. If the hair on the animal’s shoulders stands up, it’s also a sign it wants to be left alone.

A moose licking its lips will soon start to charge, and you should just go away. If a moose does charge, quickly find something solid to get behind before you run.