Toledo Zoo Welcomes the Cutest Twin Polar Bear Cubs

Toledo Zoo recently shared some great news with its social media followers. The staff went on Facebook to announce the arrival of adorable twin polar bear cubs.

According to the zoo’s post, these are the first two polar bear cubs born in Toledo Zoo since 2012. The parents of the cubs are a 24-year-old female named Crystal and an 18-year-old male named Nuka. As part of the announcement, the zoo shared a video of Crystal with the twins, whose gender still remains unknown. 

“Mom is doing everything she should do, and the cubs are warm and happy in their den,” said Toledo Zoo’s senior zookeeper Michael Frushour in the video.

The public will have to wait a while before seeing the adorable cubs in person. According to the Toledo Zoo, the twins will be introduced to the world in the spring of 2023. But until then, everyone can get to know them thanks to a YouTube live stream from Crystal’s den.

“The bears are off-exhibit inside their cozy den as it is a quiet, safe place for a mother to give birth and raise cubs,” Toledo Zoo explained. “In the wild, this would be on a snow bank or side of a hill. Nuka will remain on exhibit daily at Arctic Encounter.”