Top Species: These Animals Are Better at Something Than All the Others

Photo by Alan Mersom on Unsplash

Every species is special in some way, but some stand out more prominently than the others. If you’ve ever wondered which animals are the biggest, loudest, fastest, or have the longest lifespan, here are your answers.

Fastest Animals

The fastest land animal is a cheetah at 75 miles per hour max speed, but there are some faster species in the big blue ocean. Black marlin, the fastest fish, can swim at around 80 miles per hour. That’s still not all – though it can’t be directly compared, there’s a bird that’s faster than both of them and it’s peregrine falcon which can fly as fast as 242 miles per hour.

Largest Animals

Things are much more clear in this department. 85 feet long, 210 tons heavy (on average) blue whale is the largest animal in the world.

Loudest Animals

While the blue whale can produce sounds louder than a jet engine, there’s an even louder animal. It’s the tiger pistol shrimp with claws that can produce sounds at a decibel level of 200.

Longest Lifespans

The ocean quahog clam named Ming, who died in 2006, was estimated to be 507 years old and holds the record for the longest lifespan.