Tricia Koczor is Inviting You Inside Her Reptilian Garden

Keeping reptiles as pets can be a pretty magical journey, and Tricia Koczor learned this first-fand. She’s been fascinated with reptiles from a young age, and she’s using her social media platform Reptilian Garden to share her love for these animals with the world.

Koczor’s obsession with reptiles started when her older brother kept a water dragon as a pet. He inspired her to learn more about reptiles, and she went on to adopt a variety of pets from many different species over the years.

“I thought they were out of this world and I always favored animals that others found ‘weird’ or ‘gross’. They are each so special in their own ways and deserve more appreciation. My first turtle is what really sold me on reptile keeping,” she told Zen Habitats.

Over a decade has passed since, and Koczor gained enough knowledge to take care of pretty much any type of reptile. She shared snippets from her life with a wide range of different reptilian creatures, from chameleons and snakes to geckos and frogs.

Koczor is one of the most popular reptile keepers on social media, with hundreds of thousands of followers under her belt, and she’s using her platform to share useful tips and tricks with all the reptile enthusiasts out there.