Truffles the Cat is Helping Kids Feel Better About Wearing Glasses

Seeing the optometrist and getting glasses can be a frightening experience for kids. One adorable cat, however, is there to make the whole thing more comfortable, and she even wears glasses herself! Truffles the cat is the most fashionable feline we know and she’s showing kids just how stylish glasses can be.

Truffles was rescued by optician Danielle Crull and her family in 2016 and soon after she was adopted she proved that she’s a valuable assistant. With the help of some treats, the cat quickly learned to sit and high-five. Crull owns a glasses shop for children in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and she decided to teach the black-and-white cat to wear glasses.

Crull’s clients are as young as four months, with the average being between the ages of two to five. The children love seeing the cat in glasses and it convinced them that glasses can be cool. She even wears eyepatches to support kids with amblyopia, a fairly common eye disease.

Truffles is so comfortable in glasses that she even sleeps in them. She has quite the collection with tons of frames in fun shapes and colors. Truffles sure is one hip cat. How adorable is she?