Twitter User Decides To Adopt a Frog He Found in His Lettuce

Screenshot via Twitter/Simon Curtis

Finding a live animal in your food would freak out a lot of people, but American singer/songwriter Simon Curtis isn’t one of them. After finding a small green tree frog in a box of lettuce, Curtis not only kept his calm but also befriended the amphibian and adopted him as a pet.

Curtis recently shared the details of this remarkable and heartwarming story on Twitter. According to him, he was about to dive into a box of romaine lettuce when he noticed the unexpected guest.  Until figuring out what to do next, he decided to keep the frog in the container and provide it with plenty of food and water. He also named it Tony.

The frog proved to be quite energetic and escaped a few times. However, there was a happy ending each time, as Curtis would find it, sometimes in the most of strangest places.

As the days went by, Curtis became very attached to the little fellow. Tony, on the other hand, also seemed to enjoy his company and a new home that it got from Curtis.

Naturally, Curtis started thinking about keeping Tony but didn’t want to rob the frog out of the opportunity to live its life to the fullest in the wild. So he decided to contact several experts to help him out.

Luckily, one expert told him that the best way to go about it is to keep Tony since he might not mix well with the rest of the wildlife in the area. As you might imagine, Curtis was thrilled to hear the news, and this story received a proper happy ending.

If you want to learn more details about Curtis and Tony, read the full thread below.