Two Dogs Make a Mess With Bag of Flour and Then Play Dumb

Dogs are intelligent animals and they can realize when they do something that they shouldn’t have. This also means that they know when to act dumb and try to get away with it.

Denver-based pet owner Peter Smith recently shared a funny clip on social media that shows how his dogs trashed the house while he was away and then acted as nothing happened.

On July 24th, Peter came back home and was in for an unpleasant surprise. Almost his entire house, including the living room and kitchen, was covered with white flour. He started searching for the culprit, but didn’t have to look for long.

Peter opened his bedroom door only to find his two dogs Ody and Eos there. Ody was lying on his bed, with his mouth still covered in flour while Eos was chilling on the floor. When their owner started asking questions, both dogs gave him a dumb look and acted like they don’t know what he was talking about.

Check out the video below.