Two Mountain Lion Cubs Saved From a Spillway After Being Noticed by Dam Operator

Paying just a bit more attention is sometimes enough to prevent disasters and tragic events. A recent rescue story shared by Colorado Parks and Wildlife definitely proves it.

In a recent X (former Twitter) post, Colorado Parks and Wildlife detailed a story about how two mountain lion cubs were saved from a spillway thanks to an attentive dam operator.

Mike Canterbury, who works as a dam tender at Pine River Irrigation District, was getting ready to release water in the spillway when he noticed something strange inside. There were two mountain lion cubs cuddled together on the concrete and unable to get out.

Canterbury immediately notified Colorado Parks and Wildlife, who sent wildlife officers to the site. After arriving, the experts managed to rescue one lion cub with a creative technique. They dangled a rope in front of it, and the cub ended up catching it. The animal was then lifted to safety and immediately ran to the forest.

The second lion cub wasn’t interested in getting out the same way, prompting Wildlife Officer Ty Smith to get down in the spillway. After successfully catching the animal, the wildlife officers got it out, and the cub ended up following its brother to the woods. But not before it played around a bit.