Two Seagulls Keep Showing up on London Traffic Cameras And People Are Loving Them

Traffic reports have never been more interesting than a couple of weeks ago when two special reporters appeared in front of traffic cameras in London. When we say special reporters, we mean seagulls. That’s right, birds have something to say about traffic jams as well.

The Transport for London, or TfL, is a Twitter account which informs Londoners about problems on the roads. A couple of weeks ago, two adorable seagulls appeared on one of their traffic cameras and they instantly became famous all over the Internet. People were so amused by these birds that they even made them a Twitter account.

Transport for London tweeted several photos featuring these lovely reporters. “Our cameras usually give us a bird’s eye view of traffic across London, but we’d like to thank our new colleagues Graeme and Steve for helping out at beak times,” they wrote in one of the captions.

The birds returned to the same exact spot several days in a row and people on social media can’t seem to get enough of them. Let’s just hope that traffic reports won’t get boring again anytime soon.