Underwater Footage Captures Rare Multi-Colored Octopus

Diver Joseph Elayani noticed a stunning sight while diving in the waters near Romblon Island, Philippines. He and his company of divers noticed two rare female Blanket Octopuses that illuminated the dark see around them.

“A close up of the Blanket Octopus during a blackwater dive with The Three P diving club, Romblon Island, Philippines,” reads the description of the video Elayani posted on his Youtube channel. “Two female Blanket octopus surprised us and gave us a rare and unforgettable sight. Size: 1 meter (with an open blanket about 2 meters) Depth: 9-22 meters”

See the video below.

If you want to see the full video Elayani shot while diving at the Romblon Pass, click play below.