Unexpected Surprise in Store for “Non Cuddly Cat“ Who Finally Wants Snuggles

There are cats out there who are simply not interested in showing too much affection towards their owners. But even they sometimes want cuddles, as a funny viral video recently shared on TikTok shows.

TikTok user @lucyluminate shared a clip that shows her “non cuddly cat” named Salem approaching and jumping on her in apparent attempt to get some snuggles. However, the feline is in for an unexpected surprise, as his owner is already cuddling with another cat.

As soon as he realizes that he has been betrayed, Salem changes his mind and walks away.

“Sweet to sour, real quick,” @lucyluminate wrote in caption of the video that received more than two million views since being posted several days ago.

@lucyluminate Sweet to sour, real quick😭#cat #madcat #hissingcat #blackcat #cutecat ♬ original sound – lucyluminate

TikTok users were quite entertained by the video, with some sharing their favorite moments in the comments section.

“The unbothered one rolling their eyes and Salem walking off like “this is why I don’t cuddle mom” is sending me,” one TikTok user wrote.

“The way the cuddly cat rolls her eyes at her like girl bye,” another added.

We hope that Salem won’t stop looking for cuddles because we are sure his owner has plenty of affection to give out.