These Are Some of the Most Unique Animals on Earth

Image by Ibolya/Flickr

With millions of species living on our planet, it’s impossible to be familiar with all of them. Some are more unique and rare than others and we wanted to introduce them to you today.

Red-Lipped Batfish

This type of fish lives on the Galapagos Islands and walks on the bottom of the ocean instead of swimming.

Blue Parrotfish

Talk about blending in with the background! This bright blue fish lives in shallow waters in parts of the Caribbean Sea and the western Atlantic Ocean. 80% of its life is devoted to searching for food.

Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Poodle Moth has been discovered in Venezuela 9 years ago. The moth has an alien-like appearance and is covered in poodle-like fur, which makes it unexpectedly cute.

Panda Ant

This is actually a wasp and not an innocent one. The panda ant looks cute, but it looks a lot less cute when you know it also goes by the name cow-killer.