Unwanted Dog Becomes a Pet Detective

Colin Butcher, a retired police officer, opened up his own pet detective agency, which helps pet owners solve their problems. Colin knew he couldn’t do this alone, so he decided to look for a partner, and ended up discovering Molly.

Colin found Molly on a pet-selling website after Molly’s previous owners decided they didn’t want her anymore. Colin saw great potential in Molly and decided to make her part of his agency.

Colin’s faith in Molly soon paid off. Molly, a black cocker spaniel, quickly showed how bright and clever she was by cracking the cases of missing animals. Thanks to her intelligence and unmatched sense of smell, Molly became an expert in finding lost cats and has been reuniting pets with their owners ever since.

You can see how Molly works her magic in the video below.

Since teaming up five years ago, Molly and Colin have found over 90 cats and have successfully reunited them with their family. The pair has worked on numerous cases in which cats have been stolen, cracking them with great success.

This awesome duo also found time to star in the novel Molly and Me, which was published in 2019, and provides awesome insight into Molly and Colin’s relationship.

You can find more about their story in the video below.