Vermont State University Gives “Emotional Support Cat” an Honorary Degree

Vermont State University’s commencement ceremony this year was one to remember – largely thanks to one very special honorary degree recipient. The emotional support cat Dr. Max Dow has been decorated with the honorary degree as a “Doctor in Litter-ature”.

This adorable cat spent the past five years living with Ashley Dow on Seminary Street in Castleton, and venturing up to the university campus quickly became his favorite pastime. He became an important source of emotional support for students and faculty, and they came up with a perfect way to honor him.

Vermont State University announced they’re celebrating Max with an honorary degree because he exemplifies the values this school stands for.

“With a resounding purr of approval from the faculty, the Board of Trustees of the Vermont State Cat-leges has bestowed upon Max Dow the prestigious title of Doctor of Litter-ature, complete with all the catnip perks, scratching post privileges, and litter box responsibilities that come with it,” reads the viral Facebook post.

According to his owner Ashley Dow, Max became so beloved by the students they built him a shrine once he stopped coming there. Now that he’s back, they’re making sure to take care of him and bring him home to Seminary Street if they spot him wandering around campus after five.