Veterinarian Goes Viral After Explaining How to Count Dog Years

Image via dr.hunterfinn/Instagram

Dr. Hunter Finn from Arlington, Texas, is a well-known veterinarian on the Internet. He recently gained over 217,000 Instagram users and has more than 1.6 million TikTok followers. He gained popularity when he began posting interesting facts about animals (mostly pets), sharing helpful tips, and giving answers to his audience’s questions.

Recently, his video went viral on TikTok, where he explained how to correctly count dog years. According to him, one human year does not equal seven dog years. In this one-minute-long clip, Dr. Finn explained that one human year means your furry friend has aged 31 human years. Shocking, right? Well, he did not stop there.

“A 1-year-old dog equals a 31-year-old human. And a 2-year-old dog is 49,” the veterinarian explained and continued. “You don’t even want to know how old a seven-year-old dog is: 62. We found out that aging does slow down. An eight-year-old dog is 64.”

The educational video reached more than 4.7 million views and has almost 430,000 likes in just a couple of days. However, his other posts are equally fun and informative.

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