Veterinary Nurse Comforts a Dog Waking Up from Anesthesia in an Adorable Way

If you have ever had a procedure that needed anesthesia, you know how uncomfortable it can be waking up from it. The experience is even worse for the animals since they don’t realize what has happened to them.

Veterinary nurse Alina Rojas is well aware of this, which is why she makes an extra effort to comfort her animal patients after procedures that require anesthesia. Rojas recently shared one of such comforting sessions on her TikTok and quickly became the talk of the internet.

The adorable video, which amassed 17 million views in a week, shows Rojas helping a cute doggo named Bella that just got through a dental procedure.

The dog is visibly upset and confused after waking up from anesthesia, so Rojas rocks her like a baby and makes sure the animal knows she is in good hands. This worked like a charm as Bella calmed down in no time.

“I was trying my best to calm her down until she was comfortable enough to be alone,” Rojas shared later in a chat with Newsweek.

According to Rojas, not all animals are distressed after anesthesia. But those that are can count on her support and a lot of love to get them through it.