Vets Save the Life of a Poisoned Red Fox Using an Innovative Canine Procedure

The quick thinking and readiness to use innovative procedures of veterinarians from Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) in Toronto, Canada, recently saved the life of a poisoned red fox.

In a post published on their Facebook, TWC shared a story about a red fox that was discovered on the streets of Toronto back in April. The animal was visibly weak, lethargic, and unable to stand on her feet.

After catching the fox more easily than expected, TWC staff assumed that the animal was likely hit by a car. However, after the test ruled this out, the veterinarians did a further examination and concluded that the fox was a victim of rodenticide poisoning and required a blood transfusion.

Not having fox blood in their blood bank didn’t discourage TWC staff. Knowing the red fox is facing a certain death if not helped, they decided to turn to a transfusion from a dog, something that they have never done before.

Luckily, the procedure worked and the red fox showed promising signs of a recovery and is on her way to returning to the wild.

“The patient is now stable, eating well, and is acting like a normal fox – but is still being monitored closely by TWC’s medical team. Because of the rodenticide poisoning, he needs a full 30-day treatment to help his body recover. And then, happily, he’ll be released back into the wild to continue his life! “said TWC in a press release.