Viral Sensation Cala the Cat Passed Away at 12

Cala the Cat, who won the hearts of millions with her viral videos, has passed away at the age of 12. She became the voice of the viral “I Go Meow” TikTok sound, and her owner was certain they’d spend many years together, but the adorable kitty eventually died due to old age.

Cala was adopted by Elizabeth Toth, who started sharing her videos online back in February – and it didn’t take her long to become a viral sensation. Her distinct meows won everyone’s heart, especially after a TikTok user named The Kiffness turned it into a song titled “I Go Meow”.

The Kiffness sent love to Cala’s owner Elizabeth after she passed away, and thanked her for taking this adorable orange tabby cat off the streets and giving her a loving home.

“After Cala became sick, her age became apparent with the problems the vets discovered, and after doing some tests they suspected she was around 12. Although they were optimistic & Cala fought hard her condition was not improving & she ultimately passed away in Elizabeth’s arms due to old age,” wrote The Kiffness on social media.

Cala may be gone, but her owner Elizabeth thanked her fans for allowing her to live forever through the hilarious “I Go Meow” videos and for never forgetting how special she was.