Viral Video Reveals Amazing Way Giraffes Eat Grass

When we think of giraffes, we usually picture them snacking on tree leaves. But these gentle giants also like to munch on grass, and the way they do it is awesome.

Having a long neck and tall legs makes it hard for giraffes to just put their head down and start eating. Instead, they either get on their knees or spread their front legs wide apart to lower their body.

One Twitter user, who goes by the name of Danny Dutch, recently uploaded a video that shows the second method and amazed tens of thousands of social media users. The reason why the clip became so popular is the fact that the hungry giraffe looks like it’s doing push-ups while eating.

If you don’t believe us, check out the video below.

The post by Danny Dutch later received a number of responses, with Twitter users sharing more examples of how giraffes eat grass or drink water.