Viral Video Shows Otter and Cat Cuddling Before Going to Sleep

Who doesn’t love seeing two animals of different species becoming the best of friends? We sure do! And no matter how many times we see it, it still brings a smile to our faces and makes us feel warm and cuddly inside. No matter the animals, it’s always adorable and heartwarming.

The latest example of unlikely animal friendships comes from Japan, where an otter named Sakura and a cat named Mochi developed an amazing bond. Not only do they eat and play together, but they also enjoy cuddling together before heading to bed.

Their owner recently shared a clip on YouTube that shows Sakura and Mochi getting ready for a nap. Before they sailed to the kingdom of dreams, Sakura squeezed next to Mochi and put its hands around the cat. The two then started blissfully snoring.

This cute video became a true sensation on the internet and was watched by close to 8.5 million people so far. We can only expect that number to keep climbing.

Check it out below. Isn’t it just the cutest?