Watch a Banana-Loving Rescue Beaver Throw a Tantrum When There’s No More Banana Left

We all have food that we can’t stop eating, and as much as we get it, it is never enough. Well, it is the same with animals. When they like some type of food, they just want to keep munching on it. Just take a look at the banana-loving rescue beaver named Tulip.

In a video shared by marine biologist Holley Muraco, Tulip can be seen snacking bits of banana. The animal quickly chows down on the fruit while producing the most adorable munching sounds.

However, once Tulip gets through her daily portion of banana and figures there is no more left, her personality changes. She starts asking for more by throwing the cutest tantrum ever. Even as Muraco tries to calm her down, Tulip persists, hoping she might convince her rescuer to cave in.

In the description of the video, Muraco explained that Tulip’s love for bananas is actually good for her as it might help her with her condition. However, she should eat it in moderation, a fact that Tulip still can’t quite accept.

“She gets a small amount of banana as a treat every few days. At her size now, she gets about half of a banana. It’s never enough and she lets me know,” Muraco added.