Watch a Cockatoo Tell a Puppy She Loves Him

Cockatoos are known to be very affectionate birds and don’t hesitate to express their emotions towards their friends, whether that’s their human or other animals. 

TikTok user Wendy Albright recently shared an older viral video that shows her Cockatoo named Sweet Pea telling her puppy sibling Cooper that she loves him. And once again, the video got a lot of attention from social media users who loved the scene.

“seen this a bunch of times….still so darn cute/sweet!” one TikTok user wrote in the comments section.

“How many times have I watched this? Yes!! “another added.

Albright later shared another video capturing the sweet and loving moments between Sweet Pea and puppy Cooper. And honestly, as many times we hear Sweet Pea saying “I love you “to Cooper, we want to hear it once more.


#onthisday I cant believe this puppy is already three years old. How time flies 😭 #cockatoo #parrot #lab #puppy #friends #iloveyou #fyp #baby

♬ original sound – The Parrot Lady 🦜

Now Cooper is all grown up, and he and Sweet Pea are best friends. Their mom recently took them on a family vacation and they seemed to have a blast.

In a video shared in early May, Sweet Pea and Cooper can be seen exploring a vacation cabin together before heading outside to get more familiar with their surroundings.


Taking my dog and parrot on vacation 🥰 A few weeks ago I took my animal family on a teip. So much fun! #cockatoo #parrot #dog #family #vacation

♬ original sound – The Parrot Lady 🦜