Watch a Giant Humpback Whale Jump Out of the Ocean

Humpback whales are known for their breaching habits and their frequent visits to the ocean’s surface, but most people still don’t have the opportunity to see them up close.   

Photographer Douglas Croft and whale watcher Kate Cummings recently captured an amazing video which shows a humpback whale jumping out of the ocean and then immediately diving back in. The giant whale caused a huge splash and rocked the boat, which shocked the unsuspecting fisherman.

The video, which was taken in Monterey Bay, Canada, was recently posted on the internet and quickly when viral.

“It was quite exciting!” – said Croft. “Salmon season coincides with the time when humpbacks are returning to Monterey Bay to feed for the summer and there were hundreds of boats on the bay fishing.”

“Since the boat is closer, it should look bigger, but the whale is huge! If I’d been the fisherman, I’d probably need some new underwear.” – he added.

You can watch the clip below.