Watch a Ginger Cat Refusing to Be Contained by the New Cat Fence

A lot of owners don’t feel comfortable letting their cats outside, mainly because their curiosity might cause them to go too far away from home and get lost. One of the solutions for this is installing a cat fence, which prevents felines from escaping the backyard. But as a recent viral video shared on TikTok shows, not even this is a match for ginger cats.

The clip, posted by @emilypaygee, shows several cats “enjoying safety” with a new cat fence installed around the backyard. In the meantime, a ginger cat is refusing to be contained by the fence and after some impressive effort, manages to beat it and emerge on a top of a wooden post.

“He loves us really,” @emilypaygee wrote in the caption of the video.

The clip has quickly spread on social media and left a lot of TikTok users impressed.

“If there’s a will, there’s a way,” one person wrote in the comments section.

“He could get a job as a fence and cage tester! Find the faults in designs,” another added.

Other TikTokers were not surprised at all to see that a ginger cat was the one to rebel against the new cat fence. Ginger cats are known for being mischievous and strong-willed, which is why we like them and why we get a few extra gray hairs.