Watch a Heartwarming Reunion Between a Chimpanzee Mom and Her Newborn Son

We know that maternal instinct isn’t just a thing of the human world. Animals also have it and have a strong urge to take care of their offspring. But seeing it is always fascinating.

Sedgwick County Zoo recently shared a powerful video of a heartwarming reunion between chimpanzee mom Mahale and her newborn son. It shows Mahale entering a cage but not realizing her son is there as well, being covered by a bunch of blankets.

At one point, the baby chimp raises its hands, which is enough for Mahale to recognize him despite the fact the two haven’t seen each other again after birth. The mom chimp rushes straight away to pick up her baby boy and gives him a strong hug.

The story behind the video makes it even more moving. According to Sedgwick County Zoo staff, Mahale’s natural labor stopped progressing, so they had to perform a C-section. Then more trouble followed, as the baby chimp couldn’t breathe well on its own and had to be taken to hospital. Fortunately, the baby chimpanzee got better in the following two days and was allowed to reunite with its mother.

After the reunion video went viral, Sedgwick County Zoo decided to share an update about the two. According to them, the baby chimp, who was named Kucheza, is healthy and spends most of its time sleeping and eating. Meanwhile, Mahale keeps him protected and proudly watches as he grows up.