Watch a Mouse Steal an Oreo Cookie From a Kitchen Counter

Mice can be extremely crafty when stealing food from your kitchen. Oftentimes, you will notice that something is missing or that someone has been eating your food but will find no traces of the culprit. Unfortunately for one mouse, he wasn’t stealthy enough in his raid for an Oreo cookie and got caught red-handed on camera.

In a recent viral video shared on YouTube, a small mouse can be seen peeking behind the kitchen stove. After concluding that the air is clear, the mouse jumps on the kitchen counter and dives head-first into an open pack of Oreo cookies.

Without any hesitation, the mouse grabs one cookie, which is almost as big as him, and takes it away into his lair.

The video ended up amusing internet users while also prompting opposing reactions. Some users found it “gross” and recommended the homeowner to “throw the whole stove away.” But others were quite supportive of the mouse’s actions.

“Oh that’s so funny … biscuit was twice his size, brave little mouse,” one user commented.

“Love this tiny mouse,” another added.

Something tells us that this mouse might soon have to find a new home after being discovered. But at least he got one final treat to enjoy.