Watch a Playful Cat Go Crazy in a Room Full of Toilet Paper

Cats are energetic little beasts who enjoy chasing things and picking fights with almost anything including laser dots and even toilet paper. While this can turn your home into a mess, it can also be extremely fun. The viral video that was posted on social media by a young Belarusian couple is a proof for that.

The pair behind YouTube channel CatPusic recently decided to build their pet cat Pusic a dream playground. They took 100 rolls of toilet paper and placed it all over a room before letting the kitty in to watch his reaction.

“We found out about Pusiс’s passion for toilet paper when he was little,” – Pusic’s owners told Bored Panda. “He liked playing with it but we didn’t really encourage him as we try to keep our home in order and he already had many toys. However, we recently decided to let him remember his youth and gave him all the toilet paper he could wish for. Not small pieces, rather cover our entire room in it and try to catch his reaction.”

After seeing the room decorated with toilet paper, Pusic was first a bit confused but then started playing a went into a full “crazy kitty” mode. According to the couple, the cat spent half an hour in the room before getting exhausted and falling asleep.

“Afterwards, Pusic had been sleeping like a rock until the evening, he had spent a lot of energy on all of this.” – they added.

Check out this entertaining video below.