Watch a Tiny Chihuahua Takes a Stand Against a Giant Moose

Chihuahuas deserve our respect. Despite being among the tiniest dog breeds out there, they have a lot of courage and a big heart. They will stand their ground against anyone, as a recent viral video shared on TikTok shows.

The clip, shared by user @imnotsoanonymous, shows a tiny Chihuahua spotting a giant moose outside her backyard. Not afraid of the animal’s stature, the dog takes a stand and starts ferociously barking at the moose to let him know that he is not welcome there.

Once she felt like her message has been delivered, the Chihuahua simply turned her back to the moose and walked away.

“And of course its the 6 pound chihuahua thats making poor choices,” @imnotsoanonymous wrote in the caption of the video.

The video ended up getting close to 25 million views, and TikTok users were impressed with Chihuahua’s bravery.

“You can always count on a chihuahua as the 1st line of defense,” one user wrote in the comments section.

“I believe if dinosaurs existed today that Chihuahua would do the same thing,” another added.

@imnotsoanonymous later shared a follow up video to provide some back story. It turned out that the moose didn’t mean harm and was just taking care of its baby.