Watch a Woman Throw a Disco Party to Keep Her Chickens Happy

It isn’t a secret that keeping your farm animals happy and satisfied goes a long way toward ensuring they lead a joyful and healthy life. TikToker Mona recently decided to put this theory to test by throwing a disco party for her chickens and goose. 

Mona and her husband have a farm in Sacramento that houses a large number of chickens and other poultry. She enjoys taking care of them and always looks for ways to keep them happy and stimulated.

Recently, Mona decided to learn more about “chicken enrichment” and started exploring ways to make the life of the chickens on her farm more enjoyable. She thought about getting them some new toys before one of her friends suggested installing a disco ball. They did the same in their chicken coop and said the chickens started producing more eggs after that.

Mona purchased a disco ball one day and invited all of the farm’s poultry to the party. While the chicks were confused at the beginning, they soon became fascinated by the effects the disco ball produced.

Mona shared the video of the disco party on her TikTok, and it sure looked like chickens, geese, and ducks were having loads of fun.

@thepricklypear I own a plant shop and a disco for chickens… welcome to my farm life 🪩🥚🐓🤣 #farmsoftiktok #chickens #mypetchicken #chickenfyp #chickenenrichment #geeseoftiktok #ducksarecool🦆 ♬ FANTASTIC MR FOX – amaramation

 “[They] quickly grew enamored with all the colors,” revealed Mona in a chat with The Dodo. “They would just calmly stare at it and make calm chirping sounds.”

We don’t know if the chicken started producing more eggs after this, but we think that seeing them happy is quite enough for Mona to deem this a success.